This semester I have learned more about lesbians than I ever thought I would have learned and I am more than okay with that. Of course I have my fair share of lesbian friends and I have even more straight female friends, but I know next to nothing about the internal identity of a woman. I have done my fair share of trying to understand Butler’s article and aside from our discussions in class, I have made no progress. On the other hand Wittig’s article, One is Not Born a Woman, makes more sense to me and it makes me think about how this article percieves  lesbian women. The lines on page 12, “We were at the same time accused of wanting to be men. Today this double accusation has been taken up again with enthusiasm in the context of the women’s liberation movement by some feminists and also, alas by some lesbians whose political goal seems somehow to becoming more and more “feminine,” instantly made me pause and think. I thought to myself, “Wow, lesbian women are often accused of wanting to be men, now that isn’t fair.” It is cool if you are a lesbian and want to be a man, but seriously aside from the political crap, why? With that being said, I decided to try to find a correlation between the quote taken from the article and relate it to something. I came across the term, “stone butch,” which apparently according to this  article it means be masculine in both dress and character, it means to always top your partner, never wanting to be genitally  touched, not identifying with the lesbian community, and sometimes wanting to identify yourself by a male pronoun. This all make sense to those who identify with this community, who know someone who identifies as a stone butch, or someone who just has knowledge about such an identity. I had no idea what this term meant and I am still quite unsure if it exists, but then it makes me think of people who fall into the sexual “norms.” Of course those people think that these women want to be men because they indirectly identify as men, they appear as men, and  they tend to act like men. Does this make feminist angry? Probably, they don’t want men or society to think that they want to be something that they are not. They especially don’t want men to think that they actually want to be them, it make our “ego’s” even bigger! I don’t think stone butch women want to be men, some might, but for the most part, I think they want to be comfortable and being masculine is comfortable. Although we haven’t talked much about gay men acting more feminine than straight men, I feel like that is just as relatable to lesbians being masculine, you feel more comfortable so you act accordingly.

Going back to the article, you have your stone butches and you have your lipstick lesbians….





























Society has constructed this idea of a lipstick lesbian which plans into Wittigs claim that women who have a political goal are somehow becoming more and more feminine. Portia, here, plays into this idea so well. All of these “types” of lesbians confuse society. That is when society starts to play their game of who is the man and who is the woman. As a member of the gay community we hardly ever do anything to break the stereotypes, but why should we if we feel comfortable? It’s easy for feminist to rebel against the traditional man and woman roles in a relationship, but what happens to those who want to don’t mind playing into those roles. Just because we identify amongst the same community doesn’t mean we have to agree with everyones ways, we should just accept them.

-Brent Lopez