I’ve never realized that I do not know much about gender studies and the different types of people that are in this world.  I always knew that there were gay, straight, bi-sexual, and transsexual people in the world.  I never realized all of the different explanations and articles about it.  To me there are multiple different people in this world and you are who you are.  I do not know if I think that it is biological to have a certain type of sexual preference or if you choose yourself.  But I do know that you are who you and you will like whoever you want.

When asked where I feel safest in class, I immediately thought about my parents house.  But once we started talking  I think my own apartment is where this actually is.  My parents and friends are constantly hounding me for never having a boyfriend.  The thing that my parents do not know is that I have had a few but they were never good enough for me to bring home.  I do not see why you must be in a relationship with someone for people to think you are straight, gay, or whatever.  I am straight I know this and do not think that I should have to defend that.  But my friends and family are constantly hounding me about never having a boyfriend or not being that girl that randomly hooks up with guys.  I do not feel like I have to have a guy or girl there for me to survive.  I like being independent.  I like doing what I want when I want too and not having to tell or ask someone to go somewhere.  I see my friends in all different types of relationships where they have to always compromise on hanging out with their own friends or staying at their house or to go to their significant others.  I know that relationships take a lot of compromise and if and when I decide to be in a relationship then I will compromise but at this time in my life I do not want too.  I want to be able to go to Indy when I want too or hang out with who I want when I want too.  I’m 21 and a senior in college and I want to be able to enjoy this time in my life.

I just do not realize why in this society that you have to have sex with someone to defend your sexual preference.

-Jessica Plunkitt