Rubin wrote this piece because of the sex wars that were happening at the present time she began this article. This has given so much insight on what was expected at the time, and what sex and gender has eventually come to be. Since sex was considered harmful to young ones which were socially and legally adopted by society, it resulted in non-educated children on the topic of sex and experience.  Without the sex wars, and the hard times homos had to endure, the world would still be struggling and resisting accepting them.

Among sex and experience a huge part of history was the homosexuality crisis in the 1950’s. Society was in denial about homosexuals and sexual preferences that they treated these people as if they were convicts. Homosexuals became convicts of federal witch hunts and purges, federals would raid local bars in seek of homosexuals, conducted street sweeps, patrolled specific areas, all in order to put a stop to homosexual practices.  Violent and unfair as it may seem, the only way to keep homosexuals hush-hush was to take the approach of protecting the children. Which is why the violent approach was halted at some point, but society was still able to stop the awareness and education of homos due to our children.

Sex is a natural force that precedes society and institutions, also known as sexual essentialism. Sex is put on a platform and is what everybody wants. Every person can relate to this as everyone has a sex drive and wants to attain something or someone sexually. However, what society does not understand is that this sex drive does not mean it has to be heterosexual. Homosexuals have sexual desires but sexual desires that are considered phobic. They are considered this way because lack of education to society and by forces stopping the understanding and acceptance of this way of life. Everybody has different preferences and desire and living in a free country they should be able to openly express them without being shunned.

We have resisted and resisted for years to accept and ultimately understand and educate society on homosexuals. This is why certain people react the way they do to queers, and why they are anti-homo. We are still warming up to this concept and still working to understand and accept these preferences amongst those people. Everybody is different and is unique, and we are finally learning that we have to accept what may not politically correct, but what specific people and groups believe in. Had we been able to grasp this concept years ago, when homos were hunted and seeked out, the world would be that much further along and that much better of a place. Hopefully by the time we pass and our children’s children run the world, people will not even think twice when they see two homosexuals walking down the street holding hands.

C. Praljak