Before I logged on to write my post, I was planning on writing something about the pop-up museum and the exhibit related to Abraham Lincoln. Unfortunately it has already been written about in previous posts, so I will try not to be too repetitive.

Before visiting the GLBT office, I had never heard of the accusations made about Lincoln engaging in homosexual relationships throughout his life and during his presidency. While I didn’t have time to sit down and read parts of the book, it was fascinating to me that this is not a larger topic of conversation in American history (or maybe it is and I’m just figuring it out). Is it such a taboo subject that people just don’t want to talk about it? It also got me thinking about what the reaction of the people in today’s society would be if it was exposed that a supposedly heterosexual president was engaging in affairs with other men. I’m assuming that it would have a major impact on their career and that their would be a large outcry from the American people, but why? I know that any “sex scandal” dealing with a politician or authority figure is a big deal, but should it make a difference whether those affairs are heterosexual or homosexual? Our society tends to be so sensitive about subjects involving gay relationships that the scandal becomes infinitely more controversial. I am intrigued to learn more about Abraham Lincoln’s supposed affairs and if the allegations were known within the time period. I assume that, given the generation, this sort of controversy would have been almost unheard of. Going to the GLTB center opened up a new line of thinking for me and I am now more aware of how homosexual relationships (even today) are very much kept under the radar and how taboo of a topic it still is.

-Meredith Light