Education has changed a dramatic amount since my parents went to school. I consider my relationship with them a close one to where I am able to express details about my personal life openly. The class discussions about gender literature involves subjects that are traditionally kept private. Examples of topics that are brought up in our literature might involve different types of ways to have sex, the history of the development of sexology, or the fact that one of the professors at IU was one of the most influential people involved in the study of sexology. I try to inform her as much as I can about what I’m learning but she seemed especially interested in the fact that we are able to speak so openly about subjects like these in a college classroom.

Kinsey isn’t only known for the research he conducted but for also having an enormous influence on how our society today can openly share information that might have previously been considered inappropriate during the time my mom attended college. I can see a significant difference between what my mom and I consider an “open” conversation. Because of the freedom I have been given to express myself, I feel comfortable asking people personal questions, I am open to new ideas that might not be completely understood by society yet, and I feel free to ask those who are different from me questions about their lifestyles while knowing that they understand that my questions stem from genuine curiosity.

Elizabeth Kasbeer