I really liked going to the pop up museum. I probably would of never gone to the museum if it was not for this class. I think it was very interesting to watch the different movies. I think it is interesting to hear the different stories of people coming out. It is crazy to hear how different families react to this news. Some are so welcoming and still love their child unconditionally even though they have chosen this lifestyle. While other families refuse to accept this news and want to disown their child or think they can be fixed. One girl told her father and he responded by telling her she would grow out of it because all other Muslim girls do. Everyone is their own self. I do not think you just grow out of this. I think you have relationships that give you experience that you then learn from. You can be in a heterosexual relationship for years and then realize that it just is not what you want. You learn from all these relationships and then try something else whether it is a new partner or a new partner with a different sex.

-jessica p.