When we went to the museum for our last class I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  I was happy that once I left the museum I felt like I had just experienced something really cool.  The book covers were what first caught my eye, but what I found surprisingly was very interested in was the picture historical figures with talents in the arts, writing, and politics.  These pictures included great names such as Walt Whitman and Cole Porter.  I realized so many celebrities from the past were homosexual, and how it often wasn’t common knowledge until after their death and how several of them even married member of the opposite sex despite them being attracted to members of the opposite sex.  I then realized how common that is today.  It is so difficult for someone to be successful in the public eye (theatre, tv, and movies being exceptions) and be homosexual.   Several politicians have been gay but could not admit it while in office or have had to step down because of their sexuality being made public.  Jim McGreevey is a perfect example of this.  While he was Governor of New Jersey he was discovered to be a homosexual and resigned from office.

I have also found this to be very prominent in sports.  No one will admit to being a homosexual, and during the previous NBA season gay slurs were shouted at fans and game officials causing the league to take action through fines.  John Uzoma Ekwugha Amaechi is a former NBA basketball player who actually did come out as gay on ESPN.  But he did not do so until after his basketball career was over.  Today he is respected but he felt back when he was playing basketball that he would not have been made to feel welcome in the league if he had come out.  While I looked at the pictures in the museum I realized that several gay historical figures were not known to be gay while they were having their big careers, and that is still the case today.


Megan Taub