I have attached a link above that addresses transgender children. I stumbled upon this video while I was browsing one of my favorite celebrity gossip blogs. The video is about a girl with the biological sex of a boy named Bobby Montoya. Bobby is 7 year old who wants to join Girl Scouts. Bobby lives in Boulder Colorado with her mother. Her mother fully accepts and supports that Bobby was born a boy but identifies as a girl. Bobby dresses like a girl, plays with “girl stuff,” and like to do girly things. Bobby was interviewed and she expresses her concern about how she is treated at school. She said that it “hurts her heart.” And she said when students talk down her, it hurts her heart because she feels like she is being told to be something that she is not. At first Bobby was told she could not join the Girl Scouts because she was not a girl. The woman who was representing the Girl Scouts said that she would get in trouble by her supervisors and the parents if she let a boy into the organization. Later the Girl Scouts released a statement saying that she can join the organization. They also said that they are working to accommodate children who identify as transgender. Not only does this video show that political, but also social progression is being made by recognizing transgendered folk. Reading articles throughout the semester have been pretty outdated that discuss how society can be hateful towards people who identify as gay, but this shows that we are making some progress. Although some progress is fantastic, there is evidence in this video that we as a society have not made enough progress. The psychologist who discusses Bobby’s identity continues to refer to her as a boy even though he knows that she does not identify as a boy. The psychologist is also condoning that transgendered folk exist, which in a sense proves that science is acknowledging the fact that transgendered is no an illness or a disease like Irvine’s book mentions. Yes, science is starting to support transgender, but only in the transgender normative guidelines outlined by the DSMV. Meaning, Bobby does follow the guidelines therefore the psychologist supports her. If she were somewhere between genders then the psychologist would be reluctant to support her. It is amazing that Bobby has a mother who is supporting her and is willing to make sacrifices to ensure that she is happy. Bobby expresses her happiness throughout the entire clip, I believe this is a result of her being comfortable in her own skin. Hopefully she can continue to gain support from organizations such as the LGBT and her community.


Brent Lopez