Watching the Video with Eric Sawyer reminded me about how AIDS not only is a serious and fatal disease but also one that for some ridiculous reason makes people think that people with the disease are sexual deviants. Especially back when knowledge of the disease was new it was thought to be an illness associated with homosexuals participating in sexual activities not considered to be socially acceptable (i.e. homosexual intercourse).

After watching the video about how people with AIDS were represented and written about in society. The only two examples that came into my head were Rent the Musical and the incredibly long but beautiful play Angels in America. Angels seemed to connect to the story Sawyer was telling in the video we watched in class. In Angels in America, two characters Prior and Louis have a homosexual relationship. The two characters are very much in love and seem to have a wonderful relationship. It all changes when Prior finds out that he has AIDS. Louis realizes that he does not have the strength to watch Prior die and leaves him. Louis then begins a sexual relationship with a married Mormon named Joe. Joe is very uncomfortable with his sexuality and the play implies that before his relationship with Louis, Joe had a sexual relationship with his boss Roy Cohn who has AIDS but tells his friends that he actually has liver cancer in order to save his reputation. This play brought me back to Eric’s video because both address how having AIDS and being a homosexual greatly affects relationships and even one’s job. They also both discuss how society’s negative stereotypes on homosexuals with AIDS can keep people from being themselves in public and can also greatly damage a person’s self esteem.

Megan Taub