I was first introduced to the concept of the Kinsey Scale a couple years ago during a conversation between friends. One of my friends thought that there were homosexuals and heterosexuals, and bisexuals were in denial about their true homosexual feelings. Then another friend of mine brought up how they believe in “the scale” idea and there are different variations of how attracted a person can be to a specific sex. My friend talked about how girls flirt with girls all the time, same with boys flirting with boys, but it’s not registered as flirtation because people don’t acknowledge it or recognize what it is. To a certain point, I agree with that. There still are people who are exclusively heterosexual and those who are exclusively homosexual, but I don’t think the 0’s and 6’s on the scale are as prevalent in the population as we’re made to believe.

To make my second reference to the current season of the Real World, one of the people on the show is a guy named Frank who says he’s bisexual. My friend who at one time didn’t “believe” in bisexuality was now toying with the possibility that maybe it is real. She has seen Frank’s interactions between girls he’s been interested in as well as when he hooked up with a guy, and it was something she enjoyed analyzing. “His voice changes, from when he’s flirting with a girl to a boy,” she said enthusiastically, “I can tell exactly who he was in high school. Girls probably loved him, and then the minute he graduated he was able to date guys too”. It just made me realize that she had previously based her judgments about bisexuals on nothing, it just made sense in her head to think like that.

When interviewed by Oprah, Portia de Rossi commented on her sexuality, “I had always really loved men, and still do, and just kinda assumed I would be straight”.  Though Portia was attracted to men, she preferred to be with women and had relationships with women, which showed me the capability of attraction to be varied, in this case there was some heterosexual attraction but more homosexual attraction. This is always something that I’ve tried to convince my friend, that there aren’t just opposite ends of spectrums that exist. For instance, people aren’t strictly Democratic or strictly Republican; a lot of the population falls somewhere in between those two parties. So it was really difficult for me to grasp how my friend was so rigid when it came to sexual identity. She claims that she is completely heterosexual, that she’s never looked at girls in a different way or even considered the possibility. She has her “girl crushes” like Kate Winslet or Marion Cotillard, but she says that she’s just fascinated with them and would like to be like them, rather than be with them. So maybe my friend is an example of a zero on the scale, which I guess could make it hard for her to see any other way of attraction. But for her to have watched the Real World and see a person who considers themselves to be attracted to both sexes and to actually consider bisexuality a real thing now makes me feel like the Real World isn’t such a waste of time to be watching on a Wednesday night.


-Bailey Cook