It’s a sad world where people can’t express the way they truly feel and act the way they want to act without public ridicule.  Laws are made to try to protect people from this ridicule and harassment, but that isn’t enough to effect the change needed in our culture for people to be accepted for the way they are.

Dean Spade, a transgender attorney, writes about this topic where trans people are denied the chance to feel comfortable in the world around them and be the person they want to be.  He writes in hopes that someday trans people can get the respect they deserve and allowed to become the person they feel inside without medical boundaries and “professional” opinions on who they are or not.  At the end, however, he writes stipulations on effects he wants to see on society.  He writes about ending gender designation on government documents, bathroom and locker facilities, involuntary “corrective” surgeries for babies with intersex conditions, limiting factors on self identification on gender categories, and psychiatric and medical evidence to establish trans legitimacy.

I believe it’s important to note that these wishes don’t involve more work on the trans person but on society’s role to accept people for how they want to be.  While it’s hard for me to agree with people who really want to change their bodies, I can respect their desire to live in a society that accepts them.  I think it’s society’s fault for people’s desire to change to try to “fit in” – instead society should work to be more inclusive.  This can apply across to everyone who may feel different.  Take what you got and be the best person you can be and someday soon I hope society can learn to adapt for the progress of mankind.

–Brian Falatko