After reading the article by Dean Spade I really wanted to learn more about gender reassignment surgery. So I went on a search on the web where I ran across a news report about an old mining town called Trinidad Colorado. Here, they say, is the sex change capital of the world. Here in this little town is a woman named Marcie Bowers who does gender reassignment surgery. Marcie once was a man but underwent her own gender reassignment surgery and now she is known for the surgeries that she does to help those who want to become another sex. In the news report they talk about a man who is going to get surgery to become a women and how his wife is still going to stand by his side even though he wants to be a women. This made me very happy to know that not all partners up and leave when their partner tells them they want to change their sex.

The town seems to be very understanding of gender reassignment and doesn’t seem to judge those who are going through the process. To me it was interesting to find that this small town was popular for gender reassignment surgery. I find it rather cool.

After learning about this town I went on another search. My friend told me that she had seen an episode on True Life about gender reassignment. In this show you learn about Elle, a man wanting to become a women and Ted and women wanting to become a man. Both stories are sad. Elle knew she wanted to be a woman but fought her feelings and ended up getting married but finally she couldn’t live a lie so she told her wife about how she wanted to be a woman. Elle’s wife ended up leaving her and Elle went through a struggle with suicide and finally down the road she saved up enough money to get her Adams apple off and get breasts. Through this process her mother was by her side but sadly shortly after Elle’s surgery her mom past away leaving Elle with life insurance money which Elle ended up using to go get bottom surgery done and guess who did it? None other than Marcie from Trinidad Colorado. Elle was happy about her change and said it was a hard long process but it needed to be done.

Ted the one who wanted to become a man had a girlfriend and once he told his girlfriend that he wanted to become a man she was there to stand by his side through the process. For Ted it was hard. His family was not very supportive they didn’t see why he would want to get his breast removed and become a man, but finally they came around and ended up giving him money to help with his surgery. Both of these people showed me how hard and expensive this surgery is and how they have to struggle to get it done. It gave me more of an insight into gender reassignment surgery.

Kielly Perkins