Although I just wrote about something that I found on my favorite celebrity blog site, I just could not help, but do it again. This time I want to address the video that I have attached. This video is about a lesbian couple who ran for homecoming king and queen. Rebecca is a girl taking the role of the king and her girlfriend was crowned the queen.

Initially I thought that this was an excellent idea. I thought it was great that these two girls were doing what made them happy. It is important for people to stand up for what they believe in, but then I got to thinking. These two young ladies are not setting an example for other homosexual couples, they are simply conforming to heterosexual norms. The two girls are not trying to lead their own life, they are doing their best to stay the same as everyone else. In order for the two girls to be different from everyone else they should not even run for king. They’re adhering to the belief that there should be a masculine gender, the king, and a feminine gender, the queen. I also thought that it was interesting that the girl who was being interviewed mentioned the gay-straight alliance. There was no mention of bisexuals or transgender folk. What if Rebecca is running for king because she identifies as a male. The gay straight alliance is another form of homonormativity because gay people are trying conform to the typical straight culture. The gay-straight alliance is not trying to show that sexuality is fluid-like or trying to convince ‘straight’ folk that they may not be as straight as they think. It’s just doing its best to fit the gays into the ‘normal’ straight culture. In addition to the couple conforming to homonormativity, they may be able to so because they are white. If they were an interracial couple, would they even be able to run for king and queen? Had the couple been black, Indian, Mexican, etc. would they be allowed? There are more factors than sexuality alone that are analyzed when determining whether or not the girls are allowed to run, race included. Class is another factor as well. If another couple in the same situation were of low-class families, would their candidacy even be considered?