The biggest part of our discussion in class about David Valentine that stuck out to me most was when he spoke about his conversation with the meat girls regarding transgender. Specifically Anita who claimed to be a man, a woman, and  gay. Yes she is male bodied, yet she is a transgender and is considered a queer all at the same time. What got me most, is that David Valentine could not really understand the way she chose to identify herself. How can one identify themselves as both sexes, and gay? When he asked her if she is a woman she did not hesitate when she said yes. But she also explained that she is also a man and she is also gay. Isn’t it difficult to be a woman AND a gay man? But the real question is, why can’t she choose to identify with all three?

This conversation that David Valentine shared with Anita is one that can be had with many people actually. One of my second cousins recently had a sex change. He changed from a guy to a girl. He was always on his own wavelength and chose to live his life however he felt.  It was almost kind of random when he made the announcement, but he never showed any signs of wanting to change, and his love life was always kept very hush hush. But since that sex change, my cousin has been seen with men on an intimate level.  Technically, he was born with a man’s body, but now he has a women’s body and expresses interest in men freely. So, if we look at this from David Valentine’s point-of-view, is my cousin considered a man? Or a woman? And if he is considered a man, doesn’ t that make him gay? And if he’s considered a woman, then doesn’t that make him heterosexual?

Actually, there really is no right answer. My cousin chooses to take the role of a female. But, since he chose to make the change and now is intimate with males, I guess you can say at one point and time he was a gay man. However, what he once was and what he is now are two different things. Society puts so much pressure on being one or the other, and not both. And apparently, it is not normal nor is it accepted to change at some point and time in your life. What we have here, is a perfect example of society as David Valentine cannot seem to think and comprehend Anita classifying herself with more than one sex. He demonstrates the confusion and resistance towards the ambiguity of sex and identity of which most in our world do. We are so used to black and white, that when a gray situation arises people become closed to this concept and do not accept the changes and choices of our world.  Technically, Anita is all three if you really think about it. So yes, you can be a man, a female and gay all at the same time, after all the choice is yours, not society’s.

-C. Praljak