I was watching Grey’s Anatomy the other day with a few friends and the above commercial came on. Immediately everyone started talking about it. Some people thought it was too much. I do not see how it is too much. If anything having commercials for KY should be the problem not that there are two people of the same-sex in it. A couple other friends of mine thought it was a big step for society that there was a commercial showing that couples can be of the same-sex. I also agree I realize that doing a commercial does not make everything okay for couples who are of the same-sex but it does give them a chance to show everyone that they do exist and it is not a bad thing. I think it is ridiculous that something so small as a commercial is a big step for same-sex couples. They should be allowed to live like any other sort of couple whether they are black, white, same-sex, different sexes, whatever.

Jessica Plunkitt