I dont know what everyone else was taught in school, but I was given several basic principles. First off, I was taught that there were boys and girls, they each had their own bathrooms, and there was no crossover between those two titles. Obviously that was wrong. Not only was it wrong but it assumes that gender is an easily assigned attribute to a body. Even biological sex is sometimes ambiguous and I was never taught to be sensitive to these issues. I was taught all people fall under one of two categories, boy or girl.

While this may be a generic understanding of people, it completely ignores the many ambiguities that bodies offer up as “sex” or “gender”. What is the point of seperating the biological sexes of children that are all gay for example? While this scenerio seems unlikely, the point that spereation is an odd concept remains.

Beyond the myth of only two genders or body types there was another lie I was taught in school, the XX and XY lie. While it is true that the XX and XY chromosomes seem to have a strong correlation with the biological sex of a person, it is also true that they are not the only factors. I was given the understanding that biological sex was purely based upon these two choromosomes, and until recently I believed that to be true. Now I have learned that the 11th chromosome may be responsible for the development of a penis. Also, the SRY gene seems to be responsible for many gendered characteristics. Obviously there is more to the body of a person than their XX or XY gene.

Finally, in lies I was told, I was taught that attraction is innate and caused by an evolutionary process that requires boys to be attracted to girls and girls to be attracted to boys. Attraction is the result of the evolutionary drive to propagate and promote the survival of thier genes. As a self identifying gay man I can tell every person that this is not true. I am attrated to members of my own biological sex and realize that there is no “natural” way for me and another man to have a child together but that does not meant that my attraction is a “choice”. If anything it shows that my attraction is not a choice. If biology told me to like girls, would I really have a choice? obviously not because my body would respond regardless of my wishes.

While this blog post touches on the issue of boy vs. girl, I haven’t yet writtne about the transgendered issue. With all of the people who identify as sexualities and genders outside of the typical binary norm, it is remarkable that people are still able to convince themselves that the binary understanding of sexuality and gender is accurate.