I know we briefly talked about this video in class but after re-watching it I realized how crazy it really is.  At one point during this video, there is a girl who bends over and completely shows her vagina.  Not only are numerous girls dancing all over each other in some parts, they are naked rubbing all over each other.  The girls are completely inappropriately provocative throughout the entire video.  It is quite unfortunate that these videos exist because, not only is it giving women a bad reputation, but it tarnishes the music in general. This degradation and oversexualization of women is detrimental to male and female perception of sexuality and female image in society.  It is disappointing to see women allow themselves to be objectified like that, and it is even worse that videos like this are often viewed by young men and women who are easily impressionable and are affected by these images in a negative way. I reacted with disgust to these crude displays of overt sexual behaviors and I am uneasy about where the future of rap videos will go in terms of having even more inappropriate and risque videos released.


jessica plunkitt