In Assuming a Body, Salamon discusses how some of the students are females, but do not claim the word woman, mentioning self-description.  It’s not a foreign concept for individuals to use words that the feel that fit themselves.  The words that are used already have constructed meanings, which allow for claims of belonging.  It can be problematic when the word has too many possible meanings. 

For example, woman can describe so many individuals.  What is it exactly that makes someone a woman?  It can’t be the way the dress or the way in which they conduct themselves because there are too many variables, many of which depend on the social setting.  Also, the distinction of how to cross over a barrier is unclear. 

Stone recounts the life stories a few transsexuals.  All of which after GRS seemed to feel like a brand new person.  Obviously, I’m not going to argue that they did not feel different, however, I feel like individual who undergo other body altering surgeries may also feel like a different person. 

Extreme Makeover is one such show.  Personally, I have nothing against wanting to change your physical appearance.  Everyone wants something a little different.  This show however, basically ‘fixes’/changes the majority of the individuals’ bodies.  (These I see similar to transitioning sexes because of the vast physical changes that occur.)

The names that individuals go by after there Extreme Makeovers is the same name they have been living with for a while.  On the other hand, individuals who do sex transitions tend to change their name if they have not already. 

Both individuals would have undergone major changes, so why is it that the name tends to only change for one person?  Since the cis-gendered individual is just changing their appearance, in gender conforming manners, they decide not to change their name?  Really what difference does a name make?  Some men have the name Leslie and some women are named Charley, and there are neutral names too.

Names are important.  But why is it so important that we feel connected with our names?