Live Science, a website based on scientific news, published an article this past summer on the male brain. The article, “10 Things Every Woman Should Know About a Man’s Brain”, attempts to debunk/explain 10 behaviors commonly associated with “men”. Many of the behaviors have been labeled as more masculine already, but this article also gives the biological basis for these behaviors.  The article associates many behaviors with testosterone, which Angier writes about extensively in her book. Aggression, competition, commitment, and aging are addressed in this article. The aggression and competition are explained by high testosterone levels. The article labels the  competition, specifically protecting one’s assets, the “defend my turf” part of the brain. This “fact of the male brain” is accompanied by a photo of a fighter wielding a weapon in front of fields. Different behaviors associated with commitment are also explained by different levels of testosterone. Apparently, aging and wanting to get married are caused by lowering testosterone levels in men. Nothing else seems to explain male behaviors, according to the writers of the website.

Does anybody else see the girl's expression?

Evolutionary psychology, which Angier also discusses in her book, seems to also be a great influence on this article. All of the things that a “woman should know about a man’s brain” deal with commitment issues and family life. Fathering is mentioned and of course explained by lowering testosterone levels. Women have no need to worry about men wanting to get married, and they can rely on men to defend their land and be emotional as well. The authors of the different things seem to adhere to the ideals of evolutionary psychology, appealing women to relationships and love.

-Eleanor Stevenson