So I love Björk. There, I said it. It was no real secret, but I suppose this post should start with that declaimer. Let’s continue.

In continuing with the trend and adding another Björk music video to our viewing pleasure, I wanted to pose this little gem.

This was my first exposure to Björk about six years ago, and it still intrigues me. The lyrics of Cocoon talk about an unexpected yet highly pleasurable sexual encounter between a guy and a gal. As far as pop culture goes, a sexual encounter is nothing new in the music business, but the music video is where entirely new and unique happens. Red thread grows from her nipples, wrapping around her until she becomes this nipple cocoon and floats away. Lady Gaga may have a meat dress and hatches from an egg, but she’s got nothing on Björk.

The video starts with a row of black and white naked Björks in a white world, standing lifeless as if they were robots turned off. Soon one Björk comes alive and moves to her own white area, where the song begins and the nipple thread comes out to play. As the red thread floats and tangles around her body, she playfully sings and embraces this experience in its entirety. The lyrics progress further into the sexual acts and the cocoon slowly covers more and more of her body. At the song’s end, after being fully cocooned and wiggling for a hot second, she stops moving and floats away.

It seems like this video is about the female sexual experience and sexual autonomy. Through having this experience, Björk gains life and pleasure unlike the other Björks from beginning. Also, in this black and white world, the only other color, red, came from her nipples and gave her this strange mix of pleasure and insecurity, perhaps from inexperience or the unexpected thread play. Björk gained this carefree sense about her that the other Björks lacked, and even colors they didn’t have.

There also seems to be a potential critique on sexual inequality faced by women. Though her nipple thread gives her immense pleasure, they ultimately cocoon her and take her away. This could be read as the reproductive potential faced by women that men aren’t burdened with. Of course, many people want to have children and even as Björk is almost totally cocooned she still seems happy and in this euphoric state. Is it a critique on sexual inequality or something else? It’s strange because though she cannot move her arms and eventually cannot move at all, nothing seems to stand out that would suggest this is negative. Perhaps the nipple cocoon resulting from this sexual experience symbolizes a growth into something beautiful by embracing one’s sexuality. Maybe she’s making a statement about women being unaware of the oppression they endure (she was almost orgasmic the whole video, though taking no notice of the cocoon forming and suppressing her movements). What if Björk is just being… Björk?

Either way, this video is super interesting and makes Björk more and more enticing. Swan dress, nipple cocoon, and cat marriages are just a few glimpses from the mind of Björk. I don’t know how else to end this post without just saying it.

Björk is perfect.

-Lucas Zigler