Meeting at the GLBT center on Thursday was probably one of my favorite classes we’ve had so far in the semester so props to you Hilary, great idea! I had heard about the pop up museum in one of my other gender classes and thought it sounded really interesting so when I found out we were actually going in G335 I was really excited. I hadn’t ever been to the GLBT center on campus before but had always been curious about it so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. When we first walked in we were greeted by the nicest guy who was really open and ready to answer any questions we had. He asked if we’d ever been there before and then went on to explain where exactly the exhibit extended to and how we were free to just roam around and look at all of the different pieces. I always like when I go somewhere new and feel immediately comfortable – it’s such a better feeling than going somewhere and feeling like you have to be on your utmost, best behavior and not ask any potentially stupid questions. The exhibit had so many different pieces and different kinds of media that it stimulated nearly all of your senses. There were different videos to watch and clips to listen to all surrounded by book covers, pieces of literature, and various pictures. I think my favorite part of the exhibit were the Queer covers from Lesbian Survival Literature. The covers were all so different but all somehow relayed a similar message. My favorite covers were “All Girl Office,” “Fulfill Me, Darling,” “Strange Sisters,” and most of all; “The Evil Friendship.”

When I was bopping around on Google I found this AMAZING website where someone who collects different versions of “Strange Sisters” has archived all of their collection online.  Check it out:

I also stumbled upon this website where The Lesbian Herstory Archives has put everything online so if you happened to have missed something at the exhibit you can check it out here again:

So besides bopping around online looking at more covers that people have collected (I really think I spent over an hour just looking at the different covers online..whoops) and finding the Herstory Archives website…I wanted to talk about how great of an atmosphere I thought the GLBT center had. Sometimes I feel a little awkward and out of place in spaces where for once I as a heterosexual white female am more of the minority rather than the majority. But, to be honest; I didn’t feel that way at all when we were at the GLBT center on Thursday. I thought it was great! The woman in the hallway handing out flyers was as nice as can be and I am still just so impressed with how nice the guy was who first greeted us when we walked in. I want to finish my first blog with a picture of a button I saw there on Thursday. I really liked it and it really hit home with me…

I’d like to go back to the GLBT center not only because I really enjoyed the exhibit and am interested to see what other kinds of displays they bring in; but also because like a lot of my gender studies classes it seemed like a space where people can just be themselves and what is better than that?

–Jenna Wise