Hey friends!

So, the queer pop-up museum was super fun. My favorite exhibit was the display of lesbian pulp covers. You guys. I fucking love old lesbian pulp covers. Back when I had a Tumblr (RIP baldgirl/booboomeow), that was one of my main things (that and weird cat-related stuff like the image below, which is AWESOME, right?? Ohmg it’s so good).

So, I just wanted to include a few favorite covers of mine that were regrettably missing from the queer museum’s display. Feast your eyes!!!!!!!!!


Here I should probably refer to the one lesbian pulp book I’ve actually read, Odd Girl Out.

Um, I really really liked it. Great summer reading.

In it, Laura and Beth are sorority sisters who fall in LOVE (gasp!) among such similarly shocking drama as the DIVORCE of Laura’s parents (a shameful secret she must keep hidden at all costs!) and the PROMISCUITY of their friend Emma, who is outed as having gone ALL THE WAY with her boyfriend even though they’re NOT MARRIED. Really though, as a little baby queer reading Odd Girl Out┬áin 2008 or whenever, I couldn’t even imagine what it must have been like to read it as a queer during the 1950’s when it was published (specifically, 1957). I mean, I can’t even imagine feeling like I had to throw away a paperback or even BURN it instead of just sticking it on my bookshelf next to tons of other readily available queer literature.

I’m not saying the world is perfectly queer-friendly currently. But reading an old lesbian pulp novel is a powerful reminder of the much-changed circumstances we live in now as compared to the early days of queer pulp, and of the contributions of all the queers who came before us and made it possible for us to not only be reading queer pulp but taking Queer Theory courses in college and seeing little baby pop-up museums that remind us that we have a history, long-suffering but also PULPY. Mmm.

-Blair Dietrick