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Throughout the years, women have been believe to “bond” in certain ways men can not understand.  Is this true? Do women understand things on a more emotional level than men and does this separate women into a group of their own?  Some may follow this idea and believe it is common nature between the sexes.  That it is common nature for a man to act masculine and women to act feminine, but how did this normality come about? After reading both Monique Wittig and Judith Butler, I have developed  a similar idea on how this dichotomy was created.

The heterosexual matrix can explain how males and females relate in terms of sex, gender, and sexual desire. Men are expected to act masculine and a part of acting masculine is to be attracted to women.  If a male is not interested in women, he therefore breaks the flow of the heterosexual matrix and will ultimately be deemed a monster.  Butler believes this heterosexual matrix forms the relationship to build the nuclear family.  Wittig feels that the matrix is simply for reasons of political and economic roles to take place between men and women.  How does anyone know what to believe?

One idea, of Whittig’s, I completely agree with….Sex is not natural, it is historical.  The differences between men and women have been expected because they have been passed down throughout history and no other way has ever been known.  Sex distinction is presumed to always be two, and only two, categories of sex.  No in betweens have ever been excepted.

Both authors refuse to recognize this sex distinction.  The only way Whittig says a woman can “break away from the heterosexual matrix” is to become a lesbian.  Becoming a lesbian, she describes, is the only way to escape.  To dis-identify with the matrix will free individuals from the specified categories of sex.  I agree with this fact, that becoming a lesbian separates a woman from the obvious female, I am still just not sure that it is the only way…

Alexandra Fath

In class when asked where you feel like you can be yourself and be free as a women the first place that came to mind was with my family. At that time I thought of how understanding my family is. After going home I was talking to my sister on the phone and she said what she usually says when she hangs up “love you Kyle talk to you later”. It hit me in my family I am not free to be a women. See I was a Tomboy growing up at least that is what my family called me. I was the girl that didn’t wear dresses thought makeup was for losers and I would rather climb trees and play baseball than cuddle baby dolls. My family thought I was more of a boy than a girl and just started calling me Kyle instead of Kielly. My sister would joke about how I was so much like a guy she would make statements like “ your just like a guy you just throw your clean close in a laundry basket and you don’t know how to fold them.” All through high school I didn’t date anyone. All the guys saw me as one of them. I remember I had a crush on my best friend George he was a popular athlete. I told him I liked him and he told me he didn’t like me that way. A week later he went out with my best friend who was the girly girl who wore pink all the time. I was hurt and felt like maybe I wasn’t pretty enough and how if only I could force myself to wear dresses and makeup. I tried it for a week and well it just wasn’t me. at that time I didn’t really thank about the stereo type of women.

As I got older I thought about it but I forgot about my younger years and came to terms with who I am. Until we talked about Wittig’s article and I realized that my family was even putting me in a category separate from what they considered a woman to be. They gave me a male nickname and they all seemed shocked when I started talking about getting married. Funny thing is I remember a time when I fell out of a tree and got a concussion my mom and step dad where kneeling next to me they both thought I might have broken my neck and when I came too. They were in such relief but oddly instead of calling me by my real name they called me Kyle. They said you ok Kyle. And I was like yeah and my step dad told me to get up and walk it off just like he would to my brothers.  So in their eyes I was like the boys I was another one of their sons which is what they would say to people. “This is my other son Kyle” It is funny how you are either a women or a man and if you don’t fit the women category even if you are a female than you are put in the male category or given the title Tomboy.

My mom it took a while for her to let me be who I am. She wanted me to be that girl who wore cute little pink dresses and played with dolls instead of GI Joe. She still calls me sometimes and tells me she bought this dress for me and that I needed to start wearing things like that because I am a grown up now and I will have to dress like this for work. In fact she makes me thank of this commercial I saw for Tide. Were a mother is sitting on a couch talking about her tomboy Daughter. Sad how our society has become this way were you have to wear dresses and make up to be a women. So since I don’t do this what does it make me? Not a woman.

Kielly Perkins